Coating Services

We offer firearms coating services, ranging from single color to full custom jobs. The coating systems we use can be used for more than just guns! It has been successfully used for automotive parts, knives, wheels, and even bomb casings. Pricing is as follows. For any questions or for projects that may not be listed here, please contact us for more information!


Slide Only – Single Color$80
Frame Only – Single Color$120
Complete Pistol – Single Color$200
Complete Pistol – 2 Colors (Two Tone)$235
Complete Pistol – 2 Color Camo$250
Complete Pistol – 3 Color Camo$275
Complete Pistol – Kryptek or Digital$300
Custom Job Starting Price$300+

AR Pattern Rifles

Upper Receiver$60
Lower Receiver$60
Handguard – 10″ or Less$60
Handguard – Longer than 10″$70
3 Piece Kit + Stock – Single Color$225
3 Piece Kit + Stock – 2 Color Camo$250
3 Piece Kit + Stock – 3 Color Camo$275
3 Piece Kit + Stock – Digital or Kryptek$310
Full Rifle Custom Job – Starting Price$400+


Barreled Action – Single Color$110
Barreled Action – 2 Color Camo$125
Barreled Action – 3 Color Camo$140
Barreled Action – Kryptex or Digital$200
Complete Rifle – Single Color$250
Complete Rifle – 2 Color Camo$300
Complete Rifle – 3 Color Camo$325
Complete Rifle – Kryptek or Digital$390